GCS Virtual Volunteer Program

Help gibbons from home! Join our virtual volunteer team and help out at your own pace.

It’s a minimum 6 months commitment but you choose what you’re able to do, and it can be as little as 2 hours a week!

In this program you volunteer from home, but if you’re keen to volunteer onsite at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, check out the GReP Volunteer Program.


As a volunteer, you will help us spread awareness on the plight of gibbons, raise funds for both gibbon rehabilitation projects, do research, keep the society running smoothly, and ultimately help create a positive future for the singing apes of Malaysia. 

You’ll be asked to chose a team or field of interest:

                       Communications          Content Creation              Fundraising                    Advocacy                         Events

                               Research                   Programmes                Merchandise               Administrative                   and more!

   Communications          Content Creation              

        Fundraising                    Advocacy

             Events                        Research

        Programmes                 Merchandise

       Administrative                 and more!


Once you’ve chosen your interest, a volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss the available tasks or projects within the field, your hours and everything else that you need to know. Tasks are subject to availability.


Apart from the satisfaction of knowing you played a part in helping protect and conserve the gibbons of Malaysia, here’s a few more added benefits:

  • A Digital Certificate
  • Access to GCS Private Workshops, Training Sessions & Skill Building Programs.
  • A Private Visit to either Gibbon Rehabilitation Project.
  • A 10% discount voucher for any locally produced GCS Merchandise.

If you choose to volunteer with us for a minimum of 12 months, you’ll also get: 

  • A Recommendation letter from GCS President, Mariani Ramli.
  • Fees waived for the GReP Internship Program (4 weeks only).
  • Focused skill development in your chosen field.  This will depend on the availability of mentors. 


Yes, you definitely can! 
Most of the tasks can be done from home, all you need is stable internet connection. Anyone can join. 🙂

Yes, you can contact us via our social media platforms or send an email to volunteer@gibbonconservationsociety.org

Currently we are unable to accept volunteers for less than 6 months. However if you have an idea on how you’d like to help, please send us an email at volunteer@gibbonconservationsociety.org

In case you missed it, you may be committing to at least 6 months, but it isn’t full time. You can do a little as 2 hours a week!

On the other hand, if you can spare 4 weeks (full time), you can volunteer onsite through the GReP Volunteer Program.

If you can’t do either, you can still help by donating, buying merchandise or sharing awareness about gibbons to your family and friends. 

Choose a field where you can think you can contribute the most or pick something that interests you. Why not develop a new skill while you’re helping out? 

Volunteer coordinators may ask you to choose a different field depending on what is needed at the time, but if it’s something you’re not keen on, just let us know!


“Volunteering virtually with GCS allowed me to spend my time in a meaningful way. I got to work to work with an organization that is passionate and cares about gibbons. I challenged myself when I accepted an offer to be a fundraising volunteer and I got to maximize my soft skills. I learn more about primates, especially the forgotten apes, gibbons, which are often overshadowed by Orangutans. Overall, I was doing something that was outside my comfort zone and could still accomplish things.”

– Dayang Melissa, Malaysia

I really enjoy this volunteering program. I feel like I get a new family because GCS Team are very welcoming to me. I learned a lot, especially how to communicate with people, replying messages and comments, creating contents. It’s not only about creating gibbon contents, but also having a goal to educate people and tell them that gibbons are exist. Everyone should try joining this program.” 

– Celia Nova Felicity, Indonesia.