Malaya GReP

Malaya GReP is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2023!

The Malaya Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (Malaya GReP) is Malaysia’s first small ape rehabilitation centre, established in 2013, that helps orphaned captive gibbons and other primates that were confiscated from wildlife traffickers or surrendered by civilian pet owners. The project is located in Raub, Pahang. Malaya GReP has been accredited by independent auditor sent by IUCN which are the European Alliance of Rescue Centres and Sanctuaries (EARS) and Wildlife Impact.  

Malaya GReP currently houses 11 White-Handed Gibbons or Lar Gibbons. All 11 gibbons are former pets and were surrendered by members of the public. 

latest Updates

We’ve moved! The Malaya Gibbon Rehabilitation Project or Malaya GReP (formerly known as just GReP) has moved to a new location. The project is finally situated on land that belongs to us. The new site, still within Raub, Pahang, is much bigger than the previous location and will enable us to begin some of our sustainable income and community empowerment programs. 


Play a role in gibbon rehabilitation and conservation and help save the Kings of Brachiation. 

Support Our Efforts

Support the rehabilitation of the gibbons at Malaya GReP by donating or partnering with us. You can also send us an email at to find out more. 

Get to know the gibbons

Every gibbon has their own personality. Some are shy while others are very social. Some are mischievous, while others are always trying to out smart their human caretakers. At GCS we strongly advocate that #EveryIndividualMatters and that their rehabilitation is suited to their individual needs. Find out more about our gibbons, their characters and their stage of rehabilitation. 

Volunteer Onsite

Get involved on the ground. Learn about gibbons and rehabilitation first hand. Spend 4 weeks or more in the jungles of Pahang and develop a deeper understanding of wildlife and conservation.