The GReP Volunteer Program


A hands on volunteer experience for people 
of any age, educational background or nationality.

We believe in giving back to the community and providing everyone with the opportunity to be involved in conservation. With this program, we hope to make volunteerism more wholesome and impactful”

– Mariani ‘Bam’ Ramli, President of GCS

Please note: This video is dated and showcases’s Malaya GReP’s old site. 

Spend 4 weeks or more at Malaya GReP in Raub, Pahang. Get first hand knowledge and experience about conservation and rehabilitation of our precious wildlife, specifically gibbons. 

Get your hands dirty working to support the gibbons, guard dogs and our project bases, while immerse yourself in learning opportunities that include primate behaviour, jungle skills, wildlife tracking and behavioural data collection and analysis.

Application Criteria:
– be able to volunteer for a minimum of 4 weeks.
– be 18 years old and above.
– obtain the necessary health screenings & vaccinations from a medical professional.
– be a proactive team player who works with positivity.


In this program, you will need to commit to a minimum of 4 weeks onsite. If you prefer to volunteer from home, check out the GCS Volunteer Program

Experiences and learning modules

For more details. Read the GReP Volunteer Handbook below. 


for Non-Malaysian Citizens
RM 2450.00 for 4 weeks
RM 1225.00 for every subsequent 2 weeks

for Malaysian Citizens
RM 450.00 for 4 weeks
RM 225.00 for every subsequent 2 weeks

For those interested in 3 months or more, we will be happy to discuss a discount on the fee.

Fees cover accommodation and lunch on working days. All volunteers must pay an additional deposit of RM 250.00 to book their place in the program.  

Application Process

Step 1 – Read the GReP Volunteer Guide.

Step 2 – Apply. If you are agreeable to everything in the guide, complete the GReP Volunteer Application Form.

Step 3 – You will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator to discuss further/make arrangements. If all is agreeable, you will be asked to pay your deposit and confirm your dates. 

Step 4 – Proceed to acquiring your medical check, flight tickets/transport arrangements, insurances, etc. Once you have required all relevant items, please pay your volunteer fee in full, then fill in and sign the ‘GReP Volunteer Agreement’ that will be provided by your Volunteer Coordinator.

Step 5 – Make other necessary arrangements with your Volunteer Coordinator. 

Step 6 – Arrive and begin your volunteer term!


We will be opening Borneo GReP for volunteers soon. Stay tuned!

Yes, it is! 

This is our only on-site volunteer program.

All you need is a passion for wildlife, adventure and the willingness to learn and be a proactive team player. No prior skills or education is required. 

As you are required to live onsite and be independent, we generally do not accept those younger than 18. However, we do make some exceptions for some 16-17 years old. So send us an email at to tell us why you think we should make the exception for you. 
You will also need to get a parent or legal guardian to sign a consent form. 

Nope! Anyone above 18 can join. You just need to be physically fit and in good health. Our most senior intern so far was 50+!

Unfortunately not. An important part of rehabilitation is reducing the number of people the gibbons are exposed to. We need to help them become disinterested in humans in order for them to become wild again. 

However, in the future, we will be open to short term volunteering and one-day or weekend activities. This will be possible once we are able to create facilities that will allow for these activities to occur without disturbing the gibbons. We’ll keep you posted!

Yes you can!

We welcome students who wish to do their internship with us or research for their thesis paper. Students have done their thesis papers with us and gone on to win awards.

Let us know what you have in mind and send us an email at to discuss.