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Symbolically adopt a gibbon and help support their rehabilitation journeys! Like us, each individual gibbon has their own personalities, likes, dislikes, and even triggers. In rehabilitation we treat each individual based on their personal needs and past experiences. Support an individual’s journey as we help them relearn their wild instincts and skills.

Adopt a gibbon for only USD $9 (est RM 41) per month

When you sign up, you’ll get: 

  • A personalised digital certificate
  • A signed digital photo of your gibbon by Mariani Ramli. 

Plus, you’ll be supporting our efforts in creating a better future for Malaysian gibbons. 

Please read the terms and conditions below. 

This can also be a great gift for a loved one, and you can adopt more than one gibbon. 

If the cost of adoption is too much for you, you can buy fruits for the gibbons at only or USD $3 (est RM 14) per month. 

To facilitate this adoption, we are using the platform Patreon. Check out the different tiers and options by clicking on the link below or keep scrolling to get to know our gibbons first. 

If Patreon doesn’t work for you, you can do a one-time adoption via bank transfer here.

Get to know the Gibbons!

The Chill Macgyver

MALE  |  8 years old  |  Adult  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP

He’s cool, he’s smart and he can turn anything into a scratching tool. Tony’s our very own Macgyver. He’s creative, finding the solution to the age-old question: how do I scratch my own back? Like TV’s Macgyver, Tony has used his D-I-Y skills to figure out that twigs and branches make great itch relief tools. You’ll always find this blonde boy holding onto a stick, scratching places other gibbons just can’t reach. 

Rehab Diaries:

Tony’s chill attitude may seem cool but gibbons need to be responsive to their surroundings and situation. In the wild, an overly relaxed attitude can get you killed.  As a pet, Tony would sleep all day and be up all night – the opposite of what a gibbon’s biological schedule should be. What’s next for Tony is for us to help him readjust to a proper wild gibbon schedule and assess which other of the 6 release criteria he has to complete. 


The Princess

FEMALE  |  3 years old  |  Juvenile  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP

This warrior princess knows what she wants and tolerates no nonsense. If you’re not a gibbon, she’s got no time for you. She may be young but don’t underestimate her, she’s the queen of the enclosure and older gibbons respect her. She’s alert and protective and will chase you away if she thinks you’re a threat to her friends. Embun is a quick study and has sped through many grades in ‘gibbon school’.  She’s a true wild gibbon in the making!

Rehab Diaries:

Embun started her rehabilitation journey at the tender age of 3 months. As a result of this early intervention, Embun’s progress is one of the quickest ever. In just over a year, she went from needing a surrogate mother to being an independent gibbon with wild instincts and skills. This is extremely fast as most young rescues need time to learn these basic skills (avg. 2-4 years), as they first need to unlearn the bad habits they developed from years of being kept as pets. Embun is a clear example of how important early intervention is in giving captive gibbons a head start in rehabilitation. Embun’s confidence and abilities give us high hopes for her future. All we need to do now is wait for Embun to grow up so she can find a mate and move on to the next stage of rehabilitation. In the mean time, she needs all the support she can get to keep her on the right path. 


The Rockstar

MALE  |  8 years old  |  Adult  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP

Ever wake up to loud blaring rock music? Imagine the gibbon version of that. Meet Dexter, the rockstar, the first one to start the gibbon band every morning. But this rockstar doesn’t stay up partying all night, in fact, he’s rather disciplined. He’s the first to go to bed, never staying up beyond 4.30pm. Dexter’s got the rockstar hairdo and now he’s got a fangirl too. He’s been waiting for the right girl to come along and sing a duet with him. And he’s found her! Over several months of courtship, Dexter has won the heart of Darling, the Wonder Woman.

Rehab Diaries:

When Dexter arrived at GReP, he was malnourished and couldn’t brachiate properly, but over the last few years he’s made great improvements. Dexter is a good candidate for release, having complete 6 of the 7 release criteria. He’s been paired with Darling. What’s next is for them to mate and produce an offspring. Then, the release process can begin.  


The Sweetheart

FEMALE  |  4 years old  |  Juvenile  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP

Chinta is just so loveable and cute, every volunteer at GReP can’t help falling in love with her. Just look at those big round eyes! She’s got the best social skills, making friends with pretty much any gibbon she meets. Chinta is also a loving and caring friend, often hugging and comforting the other juveniles when they’re afraid or stressed. We think she’ll make a great mother some day. Unfortunately, she also loves human attention and sometimes even calls out to the keepers when they pass her enclosure. 

Rehab Diaries:

While it may seem adorable, Chinta’s need for human attention is bad. As part of her rehabilitation, we have to ensure that this longing goes away and that she only forms bonds with other gibbons. By socialising her with gibbons her age and ignoring her calls for attention, Chinta is slowly getting used to the idea that gibbons are friends and people are not. 


The Acrobat

MALE  |  4 years old  |  Juvenile  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP
Gibbons may be known as the Kings of Brachiation but if any one individual deserves that crown, it’s Rangga! He’s the fastest and most elegant brachiator at GReP. From high up in his enclosure, Rangga uses his eagle eyes to spot any danger or abnormalities nearby. He’s the first to warn everyone if something’s wrong. Rangga takes things seriously. Maybe a little too seriously. He may only be 3 but the serious expression on his face always makes him look like a grumpy grandpa.  

Rehab Diaries:

Rangga first arrived at GReP clinging to Chinta. Whatever trauma the two of them faced clearly had a stronger affect on him. Ever since, Rangga has needed attention and comfort from someone. When he was still under surrogate care, he would cling to his human surrogate mother, sucking on ears and skin to feel closer to her. But over time Rangga has made great progress and no longer craves human attention. He is however clingy with his gibbons friends. Close social attachments are great for gibbons and it’s hard to say yet if Rangga’s his clinginess will affect his relationships with other gibbons in the future. We hope he can gain just a little bit of independence as he grows up. 


The Action Hero

MALE  |  7 years old  |  Adult  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP

Ever the macho man, Mojo loves to show off for the ladies. He’s your typical romeo – singing, swinging and doing anything to get a girls attention. He’s strong and tough, with a fierce face to match, so don’t mess with him but behind his tough exterior is a soft heart and some heartbreaking pain. He’s lost his love and his best friend but we hope he’ll find someone new again soon. 

Rehab Diaries:

Mojo was surrendered to GReP shortly after his partner Tasha, a female gibbon, had passed away due to illness. After she died, Mojo was visibly grieving and would call loudly out for her. Tasha’s death and Mojo’s loud calls is why his owner surrendered Mojo to us. Mojo has made positive progress so far and is ready to be paired. 


The Mischief Maker

FEMALE  |  5 years old  |  Sub-Adult  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP

When you think of Ebony, think of Dennis the Menace, but with teeth. She’s the Gremlin of the juvenile group, innocent one moment and then monstrous the next. While the other youngsters love swinging in the trees or their enclosure, Ebony hunts for her victims. She loves to bite, enjoying the reactions of pain. It’s all part of the game! Ebony is not all rascal though, she can be quite sweet and gentle, but only when the mood strikes! 

Rehab Diaries:

Gibbons often chase, wrestle with, bite and even tickle each other during play. When she was a pet, Ebony was often kept in a small basket to “keep her out of trouble”. This caused her to develop severe stereotypic behaviour – a physical expression of psychological trauma. When Bella was her surrogate sister, these behaviours reduced drastically. Unfortunately, when Bella was taken from us in 2020, Ebony’s zoochosis increased again. In 2022, Ebony found a new more-than-friends companion – Coley! The two of them are a mating pair and we hope to be able to release them in the next 1 or 2 years. 


The Wonder Woman

FEMALE  |  7 years old  |  Adult  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP

This strong, independent woman is a force to be reckoned with. She’s confident, active, strong and she doesn’t like humans – the ideal gibbon woman. She’s the first to initiate new friendships with other gibbons but she’s also comfortable on her own. She’s got a sweet, protective side and will defend those she loves. When she was friend-paired with Elsa, if any human were to approach Elsa, Darling would try to chase them away with displays of strength. She’s been looking for a male who can meet her high standards and she’s found him! Darling has fallen in love with Dexter, the Rockstar. 

Rehab Diaries:

Darling has made great progress since she was surrendered with a chain around her neck. She’s completed 6 of out the 7 release criteria and only needs to be paired with a mate and have a child before the release process can begin. Female gibbons are notoriously picky when it comes to selecting a mate, as they are monogamous but Darling has chosen Dexter to be her mate. We hope to welcome a baby gibbon at GReP soon.


The Clueless One

MALE  |  5 years old  |  Sub-Adult  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP
Adorably clueless, Coley’s always the last to know what’s going on. Especially when it comes to figuring out a brain teasing enrichment! He’s a little slow but don’t fault him on it. Nobody’s perfect. He’s active, playful and loves wrestling with his friends. When playing, he shows off with males but becomes softer with females and even lets them win. When the other males sing, he joins in to compete and prove his ability to mark his territory but his singing needs a little work. He can sing a full male song but it’s just not as smooth as the full adults. His lack of musical skill did not stop him from winning Ebony’s heart. 

Rehab Diaries:

Coley had very weak hands and feet when he first arrived. Every time he would try to climb or swing he would fall. As pets, gibbons are often kept in tiny cages causing issues like stunted growth, weak muscles and stereotypic behaviour. That was how Coley spent his early years. Once he had the opportunity to move freely at GReP, it didn’t take long for his muscles to gain strength. Now he can brachiate around the enclosure skilfully. Large spaces and freedom to move are so important in a young gibbon’s development. Now, Coley is coupled with Ebony. We hope they will have a child soon and will be able to be released in the next 1 or 2 years.


The Introvert

MALE  |  3 years old  |  Juvenile  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP
This expert at social distancing always stays away from other gibbons. When the other young gibbons try to play with him, he runs away as quickly as he can. Some might call him awkward and shy but he’s just being true to himself. He’d much rather do his own thing and be left alone. We hope he’ll find the right friend soon to help him get out of his shell. 

Rehab Diaries:

Each gibbon has their own personalities and like us, don’t always get along with everyone they meet. But socialisation is a key part surviving in the wild. It is important for Bobo to learn these skills and be able to form bonds with other gibbons but it can’t be forced and he needs to do it in his own time. To help, we will keep pairing him with different gibbons until the right match comes along. 


The Daydreamer

FEMALE  |  12 years old  |  Adult  |  Lar Gibbon  |  Malaya GReP
Ud just loves laying in her hammock contemplating the troubles of the world. She likes having her own space and enjoys her own company. Her favourite thing to do is hang off her bamboo pole by her stomach with her hands, feet and head hanging limp in the air. In other words, she’s lazy. She loves to people watch and will sit with her head resting on her hand as she observes the strange things humans do. 

Rehab Diaries:

Ud spent 9 years as a pet without any other gibbons. She has gotten too used to being on her own and has shown no interest in social relationships but a key part of wild gibbon life is social bonds so we have to help her figure this out eventually. We’ve tried introducing her to several gibbons but all she does is show aggression. The lack of mental stimulation for those 9 years also caused her to develop stereotypic behaviour. To help reduce that, we give her different enrichments to stimulate her mind everyday. However, Ud’s progress is one of the slowest we’ve ever seen. 

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